Important Information Regarding Your Evaluation

Psychological assessments of public safety and corporate applicants have become a routine part of the pre-employment screening process.  The stress associated with a variety of occupations, the cost of hiring and training new employees, along with the long-term nature of career choices, have made it imperative that there is a good fit regarding skills, work styles and philosophies for both the satisfaction of the hiring party as well as the applicant. 

Your assessment will include an in-depth oral interview with one of our psychologists and a tailored test battery.  The tests we use assess a wide range of attributes, including mental ability, communication and interpersonal skills, responsiveness to authority, judgment and decision making, the ability to lead and manage, and other relevant personality traits.  We use only valid, well-researched assessment instruments, and we strive to keep our technology and procedures up to date and at the forefront of the assessment field.  Our goal is to be thorough, and accurate, thus contributing an essential tool to assist hiring managers in making the right decisions for their companies as well as the candidate.


Has Your Appointment Been Scheduled?

Are You Prepared for Your Assessment?

Interested in Getting a Head Start?

Other Commonly Asked Questions



Appointment Scheduling

Your potential employer may have all ready scheduled your appointment for you.  If not, call us or email us with a list of desirable times.  In-person public safety appointments begin in the morning (8:30 - 11:00) Monday through Friday.  We do not have evening or weekend appointments.  If your employer has designated that you will be having a telephone interview, afternoon appointments are available.  We will make every effort to accommodate your schedule.  Please include a daytime phone number in email appointment requests.  PLEASE NOTE:  Your appointment is not set until you receive a voice or email confirmation stating such if making an appointment via email.



Preparing for Your Assessment

The preparations you should make are dependent upon your type of appointment.  However, if you are being evaluated in our office, the following is recommended:

  • Plan on setting aside about 4 - 5 hours for the process.  This does not include travel time.  Please minimize your other commitments on your appointment date.

  • Plan your method of travel prior to the day of your appointment.  Use our map and parking information while planning your day.  We are near many public transportation options.  Links to public transportation options are included for your convenience.

  • View Parking Nearby Is Metra an Option for You?Is the CTA an Option for You?

    location map metra cta

  • Select an appropriate wardrobe for your appointment.  Choose your attire with the mindset that you are having a professional job interview.  Approach this process with the seriousness that we do.

  • Pack a resume for the day if you have one prepared; otherwise, take a few moments to assemble some notes.  You will be asked to list educational background and job employment history including dates, addresses, contact names, and phone numbers.  Having this list or a resume will expedite the process for you.

  • Bring a photo ID.  You will be required to present one in our lobby for access to our office.

  • Get a good night of sleep the day before to assist your concentration and focus.

  • Bring a snack if you would like.  The process is lengthy and a snack may keep your hunger under control and aid your focus. 



Interested in Getting a Head Start?

One of the forms you will be required to complete for the assessment is the Personal History Form.  It is an information gathering tool to help us learn about you.  Information requested on the form are things such as work history, educational background and military experience.  You may complete this form prior to your assessment by selecting Personal History Forms.  Completing this exercise ahead of time will decrease the amount of time you spend in our office.



Other Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: Does Stephen A. Laser Associates have reserved parking or do you validate parking?

A:  No, but public parking is nearby.  Use the parking map to plan your trip prior to the appointment day.  It is our recommendation that you avoid meter parking.  Leaving the assessment process to continually place coins in the meter is disruptive for you as well as the assessor.


Q:  How long will it be before my employer receives the results?

A:  Many of our clients request verbal comments from the interviewing psychologist on the same day as the assessment.  So often times, information is exchanged the very same day.  Your formal report arrives at your employer usually within 3 - 5 days.


Q:  What if I cannot make my appointment time?

A:  Give us a call and we will make every effort to accommodate you.  Please be mindful that some of our clients do not allow appointments to be rescheduled without their permission.  If you are not sure if rescheduling is an option for you, contact your prospective employer.  These clients are often under strict deadlines for hiring dates and flexibility may not exist.  If you are canceling your appointment we require 48 hours notice or your prospective employer may be charged.


Q:  Will you let me know how I am doing while I am working through the various exercises?

A:  While we understand that you are anxious about the exercises, we cannot share that information with you.


Q:  Will I receive a copy of the results?

A:  Your potential employer has requested and contracted for the assessment.  All results will be returned to them.  You can discuss with the employer their policy for sharing information with you.  We normally do not provide feedback to candidates unless arrangements have been made to do so. 


Q:  My potential employer has requested that I have an evaluation at your firm; however, I was evaluated by your firm for another community a few months ago.  Do I need to repeat the process?

A:  We provide psychological assessments for more than 80 Chicago suburban communities.   If we have evaluated you in the last 12 months, call and notify your potential employer.  They may opt to receive a copy of the report from your prior visit.  Your potential employer must call our office and request the duplicate report.