Online Newsletter: Statement of Policy

Our firm publishes two quarterly on-line newsletters, one oriented toward business and industry, and the other toward the public safety sector.  The newsletters will be hosted on our Web Site as well as sent to selected readers via email who are either existing clients or those who specifically request a copy by adding their name to our mailing list.  For those who receive a newsletter and want to be deleted from our mailing list, we will be glad to honor your request. We promise to keep it short, no more than 2 to 3 pages.  We know your time is valuable and we are not in the textbook publishing business.  Also, we will skip the jargon, the business-speak, and the psycho-babble. 

The newsletter's content will vary, but each issue will begin with a question; hopefully, a thought provoking and contentious one. Some of the issues will discuss our observations about human nature.  As stated, we promise to be controversial, even iconoclastic.  We will also try to be funny (although that is always in the eye of the beholder).  Other issues will focus on observations with requests for your input and observations.  All of the issues, however, promise to be interesting, and all of the issues will request your feedback.  We want to hear from you.  Tell us if we are right; tell us if we are wrong; but above all else, tell us something. 

All requests to join our newsletter distribution list or remove a membership may be done through our Contact Us page. 


Topics for Business and Industry include:

1.    Are Entrepreneurs Born Or Made?  (August 2007)

2.    Why Do We Talk Like This?  (January 2008)

3.    How Do You Manage Time In A World of 24/7? (May 2008)

4.    The Three C's, Why Should They Matter To You? (July 2008)

5.    Which Is It: Leadership Or Followership?  (September 2008)

6.    What Are Job Candidates Really Saying?  (February 2009)

7.    Looking For Work, Can We Lend A Hand?  (June 2009)

8.    Why Do We Behave Badly?  (November 2009)

9.    Are You Confused By All Of The Mixed Messages?  (January 2010)

10.  Are Tests Conclusive or Instructive?  (May 2010)

11.  What Is Your Biggest Weakness?  (August 2010)

12.  Are Today's Younger Candidates Really Different?

13.  Which Is More Valuable: Your Horoscope or A Personality Test?

14.  Do People Really Want to Hear Feedback?

15.  What Happened to Our Sense of Humor?

16.  Body Language: A Valuable Tool or Pop Psychology?

17.  Why Do People Really Get Hired?

18.  Do Job Coaches Make A Difference?



Topics for Public Safety include:

1.    The Changing Face of Public Safety Candidates  (January 2010)

2.    Exaggerted Claims & Other False Optimism  (August 2010)

3.    Promotional Assessments

4.   Accountability

5.    Body Art & Tattoos

6.    Privacy Issues