For our municipal and public safety clients we offer a wide variety of products and services.   The services for public safety candidates are separated into two tiers (1) for entry level applicants and (2) for promotions and advancement of command personnel.

Entry-Level Public Safety Assessments

We offer the following services for jobs involving a high degree of risk such as police, fire, and emergency dispatch candidates in the public safety sector.


Promotional Public Safety Assessments

For the promotion and advancement of public safety command personnel, we offer the following services.


Municipal Assessments

We offer the following service for municipal candidates including, but not limited to: Village Manager, Chief Financial Officer, Public Works Director, Recreation Park Director, Building and Planning Directors, Civil Engineer, Public Works Laborer, Records Clerk, Administrator, Planner, and Right of Way Inspector.  An increasing number of municipalities are utilizing a psychological individual assessment for all employees who will interact with the general public or a large number of coworkers as part of their duties .  These assessments are discussed in detail with key municipal decision makers with respect to specific skill sets and particular qualities.